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The constitution of the chamber was adopted in 1982. It states:
”The objective of the Austin and District Chamber of Commerce will be to promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic and social welfare of the district. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the economic and social welfare of the district.”
When you hear “chamber of commerce”, what do you think? Business, improving business, tourism, that kind of thing. Or, “what has the chamber done for me”
Here’s a question; what do you want the chamber to do? We can’t say to a stove, give me heat and I will give you wood. Based on the objective of the chamber as previously stated, the door is wide open for the chamber to undertake a lot of projects to enhance the economic civic and social well being of the district. Do you want to see major growth in the area, keep the status quo or somewhere in between. This is a great community with friendly people willing to help each other.

 If you have some ideas of what you would like to see done in our community, come on out to a meeting and express yourself.

You are also invited to become a member of the Austin and district Chamber of Commerce.  Click  here to  take you to the application page, or email us at Austin and District Chamber of commerce.