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 Austin History



Austin 1910

The Austin area was first settled in the 1870ís.The McKinnon family lived about 2 miles South of present day Austin. They ran a stopping house, had the first post office at their house and later donated some land near their place for the present Austin cemetery.The settlement was originally called Three Creeks for the three branches of a nearby creek.


 The railway pushed through the area in 1881. Some of the  buildings from Three Creeks were moved to the rail line and a town sprang up.The town was named after Mr. Charles Austin, a correspondent from a London newspaper,who was reporting on a western tour being made by the Marquis of Lorne, the Governor General of the day.
 In 1883, Sir Walter Clifford, the 8th Baron of Chudleigh,  immigrated to Austin. He was active in the farm and also the business community.One of the main roadsin Austin is called Clifford Road.

Austin Cemetery